Mahaveer Infoway Ltd (MIL)

Mahaveer Infoway Ltd (MIL) is a diversified company operating in the growth areas of IT & ITES, distance IT education and telecom (mobile phones manufacturing).

In the IT & ITES space, it is a niche player in automated QA services that require âsoftware architecture, design and programming skills for software testingâ. The company plans to establish itself as a leading player in BPO services for government agencies. It has completed pilot projects and is in the process of receiving orders to the tune of Rs 40 crore for 2011.

In the education space, the company has an exclusive agreement with Karnataka State Open University to impart distance education programmes in IT and management, like Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering Design (BSc ED) and Bachelor of Sciences in Software Testing (BSc ST).

In the telecom space, the company has been involved in the field of mobile phones manufacturing and
distribution for the past nine years. We have a range of nine models in the âlow cost and feature richâ
segment under the Zink Mobiles brand to address the needs of Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), more than 15 million mobile phone
subscribers are being added every month. The total number of mobile phones in the country crossed
723.28 million on 30 September 2010. In 2009-2010, rural India outpaced urban India in mobile growth

The mobile phones are tested with MSAI (Mobile Standards Association of India) for IMEI number
allocation and product testing. The company has a distribution network of 30 distributors and 1,500
retailers in southern India.

The company is ISO certified and managed by professionals and is poised to reach greater heights in the days to come.

There is huge demand for innovative, low-cost and feature-rich mobile phones in rural India. A slew of
new brands has entered this particular segment and this will continue for another year or so to meet demand.

There will be a surge in demand for 3G-enabled phones once 3G services are rolled out in the near future,Government policies will play a key role in encouraging the growth of telecom manufacturing in the near future.

With respect to the telecom industry, the company has launched nine phones catering to markets in
southern India.A network of 30 distributors reaching out to about 1,500 dealers. MIL plan to expand to the northern and western regions of India and add another 30 distributors in the coming two quarters.

MILplan to build a robust after-sales service infrastructure in the regions where we have a presence to
enhance overall customer experience.

MILare also investing in an ERP system for sales and procurement and after-sales service tracking software to increase overall efficiency.

competition from :Karbonn Mobiles :Micromax Mobiles :Maxx Mobiles

MIL has the key to success in the telecom handset industry is built around:

Innovative product development
Product placement and reach
After-sales service

MIL has a large distributor dealer network built over period of nine years, which would be difficult for
newer players in the industry to create in a short time.

MIL has its R&D and test engineers at captive manufacturing facilities in China, resulting in quick
turnaround time between production and marketing.

The company has built and owns after-sales service infrastructure.

**_Last Update on MIL:-
_**Mahaveer Infoway Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on April 15,2011, has discussed and approved raising of additional capital up to Rs. 50 Crores by issue of equity based securities to various investors by means of Public / Private Offerings / QIP Placement / Preferential issue or a combination thereof in one or more tranches subject to the approval of the Shareholders in the ensuing General Meeting.

Mahaveer Infoway Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on May 24, 2011, inter alia, has recommended a dividend of 5% (Re. 0.50 per share)