Madhusudan Chakrapani Power/Renewables Sector Presentation, 2023

We were extremely fortunate to have had Madhusudan Chakrapani at the VP Annual Conference provide us a comprehensive overview of the Power & Renewables Sector.

He patiently took us through 1. Generation, 2. Transmission, 3. Distribution, 4. Renewables Integration to Grid sections - and elaborated on why #2 and #4 have big (new) Opportunities ahead!

Power sector overview 2023.pdf (2.4 MB)

This was by far one of the most in-depth and most appreciated presentations at this Conference.

Madhusudanji has assured us he is available as a sounding board and guide to VP Power/Renewables working groups to take forward the work and help us identify Actionable goals in the Sector


This was one of the most interesting and Insightful presentation in the VP conference 2023. Until now I was only looking at the changes in the mobility with a narrow focus. However, Power sector and the power infrastructure is also a part of the equation.

One short example : If EVs grow to say 30% of the total mobility from the current 1%. There would be substantial shift of power consumption and duration in which it is consumed (e.g. Night time). What this would do is to immensely put pressure on the distribution transformers which will impact the life of the transformers (some studies suggest that the life could drop to 3 years from the current 30 years ). This is because of the shift in consumption pattern at night which does not allow the transformers to cool down (source1, Source2)

The power ecosystem is very complex and it would be interesting if we could all collaborate to generate some actionable ideas as a follow up of this presentation.


Nice presentation, but would it be possible to write a deep dive thread on transmission and battery storage, would love to understand how big the opportunity is in transmission, and what are some major players. Thanks.

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Many thanks to Madhusudan Sir for the extremely detailed and insightful presentation. His domain expertise across the power sector was truly unparalleled. He shared multiple ground level practical learnings even in QnA sessions- many of the KTAs were different compared to what we can learn from theoretical readings.


Thanks for sharing the presentation its very detailed. Learned quite a few new things, was not able to follow the last chart. By any chance recording of the presentation can be made available?