The IPO price was 710 Per share and got listed on 21st July 2016 . The current price is approx 609/-

The big concern could be the geographical presence of the company . Around 69% of the revenues are coming from North America . Also you must have heard TRUMP being negative on indian IT companies , and has named TCS AND HCL Tech . This could be one reason for the share not performing lately .

​The company enjoys tax benefit - Below is an extract from the Annual Report

Tax benefits for Indian IT companies We have historically benefited from the direct and indirect tax benefits given by the Government for the export of IT services from SEZs, including for our business. As a result, a substantial portion of our profits is exempt from income tax leading to a lower overall effective tax rate than that which we would otherwise enjoy if we were doing business outside SEZs, and we will continue to enjoy these benefits in the near future. Our effective tax rate was 19.6% and 18.0%, respectively in the year ended March 31, 2016 and March 31, 2015. Until March 31, 2011, direct and indirect tax benefits were also available for the export of IT services from software development centres registered under the STPI Scheme, including for our business. From April 1, 2011 onwards, we have enjoyed only indirect tax benefits for our business through software development centers registered under the STPI Scheme​

Looking forward to experts and members to contribute and give their views.

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Not sufficient enough for starting a new thread on a company. Please give more information about the business, investment rationale, key triggers, key risks(apart from what you have mentioned). Your disclosure of holding in the stock is a must.