Looking for a mentor

Looking out for A mentor

I am Bangalore based full time investor who has been in waters from teen age to middle age (21 years experience continuing). After demise of my Guru I am looking out for a mentor.

What I am reasonably expecting:


  • expert in behavioural finance (biases, prejudices and fallacies- in all three of them). If you are slightly arrogant, we won’t get along at all; I am still fighting fallacies.
  • open ended base case investment philosophy and time tested ( I am open to any investment philosophy e.g. value, expectation, growth or even technical).
  • to support me in various projects; idea generation and implementation. (currently I have 3 projects in pipe line- the performers of India, Growth Patterns, Quasi investment philosophy).


switched on research not restricted to investing but business strategy and applied economics.

What you can expect from me:

  • substantial exposure to circle of competence, accounting, controls, and forensics.
  • structured investment approach working extensively within bands of concentration.
  • strips of models and implementation on behavioural biases and prejudices,well documented.

Rest all we can discuss over phone or personally.

In case you are interested please message me for mutual next steps.


@The_Confused_Consult I found this post really interesting. I, too, am very keen on behavioral finance. One thing I was trying to think about is can someone who really thinks hard about biases be really an expert in the subject (in a non-academic way)? Won’t he/she be biased in their own expert opinion of themselves? :slight_smile:

But a very eclectic set of interests… some of which I also personally share.

You are spot on, majority of people feels they have overcome all principles
of behavioral finance. But in reality we may find they are way off in

Anyway the idea is not to find them (or even fight them, let them be happy
in their own world!) but to find those who has reconciled a few/lot of
tenets of behavioral finance into practice. I have came across a few of

A few examples would be :

  1. Survivorship bias: set your own goal and methods with milestone; years
    vis-a-vis wealth. This includes what if scenarios and exit plan.

  2. Social Proof: invest only your determined price and quantity, again back
    to workings.

  3. Sunk cost fallacy: predetermined rules for cutting losses.

Some of the biases, prejudices and fallacies can be overcome with a
investing and personal financial plan. Of course this is an intriguing
subject, different ways can come out. I have met somebody who has
reconciled “SUCCESS” to “EACH MAJOR MOMENT TRUTH” he has encountered in
life. Most of the cases the difference is those who practice , “DOCUMENT
IT”, those who don’t carry on with their rhetorics over conversations, pep

Individually each of us probably thinks we are just about perfect, which of
course is why marriage was invented- to kill off that delusion (Paul

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I suggest the following 2 books on behavioral economics you will like them:

  • The Black Swan
  • Thinking Fast and Slow

This requirement is closed, thanks for allowing me to post here.

Sincere wishes.

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Look forward to your experience.
Moomh ki baat chheen li thi bhai. Looking and getting a mentor is a blessing now a days.
What a thread it was!!

Best wishes.

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Hi. I am new entrant in learning the basics. How’s its going. Are you looking for anyone now:)