Long-term Portfolio Stock Lists - Experts View


I have spent couple of weeks to shortlist the following stocks. I would like to pick 5 stocks from this list and build my portfolio for long-term (2-3 years).

Can you review this list and provide your views/recommendations with top 5 from the list? Also please let me know if any stocks needs to be avoided along with reason. Thanks in advance.

Here is my list (also added rationale why i have selected).


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I feel you have too may finance stocks. Based on valuation among those finance stock my pick is Karnataka bank . It may out perform other stock as it is currently highly undervalued.It may not have great management like bajaj finance but based on valuation it may out perform bajaj finance.

Disc Invested in Karnataka Bank

Excellent long term PF!
However a few points that could help:

  1. You should post your allocation and purchase price… it matters to review your PF. Also make sure you increase allocation as conviction builds up and price moves up (average up).
  2. I have a 5 of you stocks in my PF (manappuram, Can fin, Thirumalai,Akshar, force motors) and i have a PF of 8 stocks
  3. You have too many stocks in your PF. and Too much reliance on Financial stocks. With time you would realize which ones to remove Because if all is right then price shouldnt stay the same for a long period.
  4. IF i were you these would be my top 5 bets where the the downside is very limited and upside is unlimited with these companies:
    Can Fin (fastest growing HFC of the lot) - steady 20-30% compounder! Hope you picked up some in the recent correction.
    Force motors (Small company with the potential to become way larger) - steady compounder
    Thirumalai (Still undervalued even after the run up)
    Manappuram (Undervalued currently)
    Karnataka bank (the most undervalued pvt sector bank)
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Thanks Ritu for your views on top 5.

Right now i am currently with cash and planning to build it my portfolio SIP mode (with some initial bulk investment).
Yes,from the list i will pick top 5 (as per my first post) to build my portfolio then tweak based on monthly review.

Waiting for the market to stabilize bit and then will start my investment!


your view on kiri industries?

Hi All, Can you provide your views on the stocks listed in my first post?