Lokesh's Portfolio (Active & Passive Approach)

Hello Everyone: I would really appreciate, if I can get some guidance/feedback on my portfolio.

I am 29 years old and started my journey around 3 years back. For first 2 years, had around 25-30 stocks but soon understood the power of concentration and planned to hold 12-15 quality stocks only.
2014 gave a good opportunity to offload weak stocks and to add fundamentally solid stocks. Offcourse, Valuepickr forum helped me a lot to build conviction.

Now, I maintain 2 portfolio: Active and Passive.

Active Portfolio:
Max. Stocks limit: 15. Thinking to further reduce to 10-12 (difficult to find the weakest one in the list below)
Most of the ideas below are already well discussed & well known on this forum and have been added in a SIP manner. I only review them on quaterly basis and follow Valuepickr threads for new updates.
All the fresh capital comes from my monthly salary only.

Currently I am adding to existing ideas only (mainly Symphony, Kaveri Seeds, Atul Auto etc) via SIPs and not looking for fresh ideas.

Passive Portfolio: (Average Return to date: Approx. 30%)

  • 100% cost free stocks.
  • Follow occasionaly only (read annual reports)
  • Planned holding period for next 10-12 years…may be even longer
  • Currently 10% by value of my active portfolio.

Stocks in Passive portfolio are:
• Mayur Uniqoters,
• Alembic Pharma,
• Granules,
• MPS,
• VST Tillers.

Most of Passive Portfolio stocks were taken out of Active portfolio with handsome gains.
These are still good companies and the plan is not to miss huge multibagger. (as Sanjay Bakshi wrote about Avanti Feeds in his 7 Intelligent Fanatics piece).