List of 5 SIP stocks

Looking for a list of 5 stocks , one share of each 5 to buy every month for next 10/15 years.

I have shortlisted the following list
2 Asian Paints
3 Pidilite
5 Polycabs
6 Havells
7 Astral
8 Cera
9 Tata Elxsi
10 Britania

Pls help me to find the best 5 ,addition ,modifications will be welcome


Here are my picks:

  1. Asian Paints
  2. Astral
  3. HUL
  4. Pidilite
  5. Polycab

If I have to choose one outside this list, I would replace Polycab with Nestle.

you need to define your return, risk and predict future growth opportunities to decide.
What is the expected return also important.
All above are good ones. but few large ones the growth will be low.

Its easy for other to suggest few stocks, but you will only get conviction to hold long when you do your research and decide why you want to buy the stock.
I would suggest you choose a criteria - like Management Quality, EPS Growth, expected Return for next 5/10yrs, rank them and decide.


Here are my picks:

  1. HDFC Bank
  2. Jubilant Ingrevia
  3. Route Mobile
  4. Tejas Networks
  5. Laurus Labs
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Asian Paints, Pidilite, Polycab, Astral, Tata Elxsi from your list would be fine…though first four belong to home improvement theme only…I would say something like Divis, Titan or Relaxo can be added instead of all in building material theme to improve diversification

I as well like to follow same principle and found only life insurance cos to invest under stock SIP as not able to ascertain future for any other sector as yet…

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My Viewpoint
1.Companies go their life cycle which need to be understood.

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I own a lot of stocks in the large cap and even though I want to say that we should SIP into RIL, HUL, TaMo, LnT, ABB/Siemens and Infosys, I will give ideas that are volatile but have better potential in the future.

SIP Stock list should have volatile entities (so as to average), good 5 year potential, and also undervalued in the macro / micro picture. As a result, I would SIP into 5 names from below:

Godrej Prop / SobhaDev
Sasken (too late on MOSChip)
Minda / TataPower / HindCopper
Exide / AmaraRaja
Biocon / Lupin / Cipla

Having said this for newer portfolios, it would not be a bad idea to do 5 from the big names, and 5 of the newer smaller company names above, totally 10 SIPs for 3 years, with an evaluation annually to adjust amounts.


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I would love to suggest Tejas Network n NELCO. Both r TATA stocks with potential to rise more than expectation. However, make ur own research before putting ur hard earned money on these stocks. I am just an ordinary investor.

Please think of Indigo paints n Hindustan foods .Both these stocks have corrected a lot n have potential to go up. I own these two stocks after thorough research.I am a small investor n not a SEBI registered advisor. Kindly make ur own research before buying.


Here are my picks.
IDFC First Bank
Laurus Lab
United Spirits

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I began investing in mid 2021 (I am a novice invester) , Here are the stocks that I am currently buying these ETFs/stocks as SIP every month ,

  • ITC
  • Niftybees
  • Juniorbees
  • MON100

Stocks that Im planning to add to my list of SIPs are below

  • HDFC
  • Granules

Most of my SIPs are ETFs since I wanted to make safe bets when I started with zero knowledge last year. Would welcome constructive criticism on my list as well . :grinning: :grinning:


Only thing I’m SIPing is NETFNV20. Low liquidity but I’m not a big investor anyway. I see this is outperforming both NIFTYBEES and NETFIT.


Thanks :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: , Since I didnt know about value 20 index until I saw your post and googled . This has a good trading volume as well .

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Very good choice to invest in Indexes.

Otherwise people should SIP sectors with tailwinds.
It is not worthy to think about SIPPING in stocks that too for next 10 to 15 years.

We don’t know when things could go working. Today majority of names mentioned in this thread are there coz of their recent good returns.

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I agree that it is impossible to project anything for next 10-15 years. At max, what we can do is pick up market leaders at lower end of valuations and wait for them to stretch out on upside. For midcap, one can do SIP based on movement, meaning when stock start giving 50% returns, add some more and more…