Linc Ltd: Writing the future of Bharat

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Industry report

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Views on the long consolidation?

The promoter group added a few 1000 shares in November end when the stock hit 675-700 range. Not sure how to read this, though listing of peers may render re-rating of Linc, considering there 2nd quarter blip was a one-off event.

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TOPS now distributing Linc brand

Disc. Invested/Biased.


Share tanked from last 2 quarters. In Q2 quarter margins contracted, and in Q3 quarter sales deprived.

Disc. Invested, now exit.

I think one should not panic because of less sales
If you are thinking of long term Linc has good products and business
Good time to buy and average

I don’t have money to invest , if I had I would have invested good amount for long term

Just compare it with nifty bullishness in long term and linc ltd , just you have to watch margin of safety

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