Lessons from Regulatory/Political Interference -in Public Domain

Posted bysamir sat Monday 17:23

and how can we forget biggest of all SKS Microfinance********(have/had investors like Vinod Khosla, Narayan Murthy)

I think sks micro was screwed by the andhra govt. the poor chaps had no choice but to lump the defaults from their customers and hope for some sort of revival

there might be some doubts cast at the promoters as well with the infamous sacking of the ceo.

if the govt itself tells the loan takers that they dont need to pay back the money they borrowed, then i guess there will be no one who on his own conscience pay back the money taken as loan.

classic example which is likely to hit the psu banks (and it seems markets have taken cognisance of the impending event is agri loans-- by first giving loans at extremely cheap rates to farmers and then all political parties promising loan waivers - and cong govt going ahead with loan waiver scheme – this sort of teaches the farmers that its not necessary to pay back agri loans)