Leanring Special Situations In Indian Markets

Hi Everyone,

I was introduced to special situations theme by the book “You can be a Stock Market Genius” & I personally didn’t get the full idea from the book, since I am new in this field. I am at the beginners level but still the Spin Off concept has really touched me & I want to learn this theme initially.

I hereby seek help of the experienced players of this field to tell new investors about how we can gather information about spinoff’s in indian market. & How can be gather all the relevant information about these companies.

Greenblatt had emphasized that a individual investor has to look for situations where profesionas are not looking. So if I were to analyze this company called Ponty Oxides from spinoff point of view how do I start?
All suggestions are welcome, including any further book recommendation about this theme.


Is there a stock advisory service in India focussed on special situations.