Krishna's Portfolio Review

Hi All,

In investing, this is my second inning with real seriousness and commitment. Could you please review my portfolio and Please provide your valuable feedback.

Below are the stocks which i bough along with Price and justification. Allocation is same for all the stocks in the Portfolio.

  1. Dewan Housing @ 165 in Feb 2016- Cheapest HFC stock and managment is getting its act together.

  2. Oriental Carbon and Chemicals @ 450 in May 2016- Oglipoly business and will benefit as Auto sector is booming.

  3. REC@ 162 in June 2016- Pure Value play with good dividend yield.

  4. Karnataka Bank@ 130 in June 2016- One of the cheapest Private bank and no exposure to stress sector like Steel anymore and expecting NPA’s will come down.

  5. Atul Auto @ 400 in Aug 2016- Gujarat tax issue resolved and Petrol version 3-wheeler will increase domestic and export sales.

  6. Lupin @1484 in Sep 2016- Not bought at a great price but i believe big boys will be separated from Mid-size pharma companies like it happened in IT sector like Infosys and TCS.

7 L&T Finance @ 94 in Sep 2016- Again not bought at a great price but Management is changing its business strategy and re-rating will happen soon.

I am tracking more stock like Cupid, PEL and would update if i add more.


  • Dewan Housing: Hold
  • Oriental Carbon: No opinion
  • REC: Hold
  • Karnataka Bank: Hold, can accumulate small quantities at CMP.
  • Atul Auto: No opinion
  • Lupin: Hold, can accumulate small quantities under 1500
  • LT Finance: Hold

Thanks to correction on Thursday, i bought more shares of Karnataka bank and L&T which decreased my purchased price . It was a buying oppurunity