KP's Investment Portfolio

Hi All,

I am a new investor having started investing last year. I am sharing my portfolio details and must admit that i churned my portfolio as i realized some mistakes. It would be great if you can provide the feedback and suggestions . To me Management is utmost important factor before investing as with good ethical management, you will not loose your shirt.

  1. DHFL- Bought at 166, CMP 405, Profit- 142 %

  2. Oriental Carbon and chemicals- Bought at 450, CMP 947, Profit- 108.5 %

  3. REC- Bought at 161 before Split, CMP 217, Profit- 132%

4 .Piramal Enterprises- Bought at 1643, CMP- 2761, Profit - 68%

5.Visaka Industries- Bought recently in March at 264, CMP- 352, Profit- 34 %.

Recent buys in last 20 days

Manappuram Finance- Bought at 94, CMP- 88.75, Loss- 5%

Spice Jet- Bought at 107, CMP- 102, Loss- 5%

Vaibhav Global- Bought at 509, CMP- 547, Profit 8%


Jet Airways EV/sales = 0.9 but spicejet is 1.8. P/E is also lower than spicejet.

JetAirways much cheaper than Spicejet and Indigo.

Also, with 51% promoter holding and 37% Etihad & FII holding, the free float is a meagre 12% which should increase demand & hence stock price during bullish phase.

P/E is not the only criteria to select a stock. For Aviation, Passenger load factor is important and Spice jet has around 92 % more than Indigo 86 % and Jet 84 %… Spice Management is seems to be hungry whereas Jet management looks passive as there past record is not that great. The way Ajit singh of Spice jet has turnaround the business is commendable. I agree that my purchase price is not great but one cannot time the market.

Buffet says It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

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