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Is this disclosure fro your side ? If yes, would request insight regarding management quality: How they are in empowering people ? is 2nd & 3rd line of leadership team is empowered to take decisions or things are micro-managed by leadership team ?

i am not an intern from KMCH i am from a near by collage a competitor to be honest about 10 km away

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I don’t see this as a risk, but rather a short term pain which most hospitals can adopt around (Especially Tier II / III city multi speciality hospitals who offer relatively cheaper services). That is, if it comes to pass at all.

Regulation is good. But regulation alone is not good enough. If GOI chooses to pass this rule, then it should also ensure that the entire Healthcare Delivery System is fine tuned to make healthcare more accessible. The easiest way I can think of and something which Dr. Nalla Palaniswamy has already spoken about, is building a strong network of cheap Medical Insurance. Of course, other infrastructure developments related to physically accessing hospitals is also equally important.

In my opinion, this is something KMCH can easily adopt around. If there’s any level of steep correction in the stock owing only to this “news”, I will be happy to add more at much lower levels.