Koti's Market Basket

Was searching for Ajanta's future online mid last year and then i got 'ValuePickr' amazing (thanks to all you guys)...fueled my confidence to trim all other and ride only on Ajanta...got good returns and after split...diversified my holdingsto others again..and here it is as of now-

Ajanta 22% (High due to run up)
La Opala 15% (High due to run up)
Unichem 13%
Mayur 11%
Astral 9%
Hawkins 8%
Indag 7%
Kaveri 4%
Wimplast 4%
Kajaria 4%
Rapicut 3%

I don't think i need to explain why i am holding above...as most (infact all)of them are 'Not-so-Hidden Gems' of ValuePickr. Thanks to all of you for putting so much of effort and detailed study on each and every point.

Pleasepour in your valuable inputs.

Hi om,

I believe you are holding rapicut after valuepick’s recommendation. Don’t really know much about it. Personally I would not have such a high allocation to la opala given that after the run up, most of the juice because of undervaluation is out of it. Your stock picks are good and portfolio you generate market outperforming returns over the next few years.

Thanks Hemant!

Yes, rapicut from Valuepick’s…althoughsmall butconsistentresults andgood increment on dividend yr on yr. Anyway now i am holding mostly free shares (sold half at 60-70%) so don’t have to worry.For la opala, yes you are correct that it’s peaked but iam waiting forresults(should be good)to trim it down.

Last year I had only one stock - Ajanta…on great run up diversified it to others but looking at current run up it feels like putting all others back to Ajanta :).

Takeover by young management is the key for Ajanta’s aggressive growth.

Exit Hawkins yesterday after bad results (with minor losses)and took a risk by adding La Opala (hoping resluts will be good) and risk has paid - La Opala has come out with super results:).

Started reading ‘One up on the wall street’ and it’s awesome like senior members of valuepickr:)…specially Hitesh.And after reading the first 50 pages I realized it’s so practical and implementable. Like, I went to different electronics and grocery stores (Diwali time)to see how much La Opala is sellingor would ask to salespersonis thereLa Opala set in your giftoptions while buying Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Purifier…etc and was glad to see the Dec results.

Recentlysawhobby Ideas outlet (pidilite)nearbyandit’s really good idea and that too fromPidilite like co. I know that Pidilite is fullyvalued butlooks better going forward.

Updated Portfolio-

Ajanta 70% (high due to run up)
Unichem 14%
Cera 7%

Brother post more often .

What happened to Eimco ? Kaveri Hv u exited after a 10 bagger.

Hi Vivek,

I think your message was for someone else…:slight_smile: (may be to some other Om). As i never had Eimco and had kaveri for2-3 months only(not even 1 bagger:( now looking to re-enter).



Reduced some Ajanta around 1000 last week and added Kaveri…keeping only three in current portfolio “AKA”.

Last year i was mostly into Ajanta…this year Kaveri and next year most probably it will be Unichem/Hawkins :slight_smile: by that time there will be some more visibility for these cos.

updated portfolio-

Ajanta 50%(all are free shares)
Kaveri 38%

PF update-

Ajanta 44%
Kaveri 37%
Astral 7%
Dhanuka 5%
PI 5%
Shilpa 2%

Hmm…Ajanta as Subash mentioned is growth engine (also for my portfolio:)). Started position in Dhanuka and Shilpa…and will allocate more as per their respective results. Kaveri, Astral and PI are well discussed in VP threads.

Any updates on Kaveri ? Results on 13 or 14.

How have floods impacted the crop in AP? Seems cotton is in for a bumper crop worldwide.

Hi Vivek,

it’s 14 for Kaveri and I am hoping for good numbers…don’t have much idea about impact of floods but don’t think it will change the long term prospect.