Known Brands, Unknown Stocks

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Many of us had experienced the adrenaline rush from that sound a bike used to produce and envied the owner’s of that product and kept aspiring to ride that the product by Royal Enfield but it was a raging bull market only that made us notice that this is a product by a company listed on the stock exchanges of India from a long time by the name of Eicher Motors. Similar was the case when we could see the emergence of an innerwear brand of international standards named “Jockey” and even started using it but it was after so much wealth was created that we came to know that the product was owned by an Indian Company named Page Industries Limited.

The stock markets are a reflection of the consumption pattern of a society and the efficacy of the management fulfilling that need with utmost financial prudence. And for us investors it is necessary to keep our eyes and ears open and become more and more observant of the world changing around us. Ideas are born from the things we use, the money we pay for it, and the way the promoter selling the product uses it for further growth.

However it’s easier said than done but it’s just about reading that “Manufactured at” or “Marketed By” lines written in small boring letters at the back of the label/owner’s manual of things we browse through at the nearest shopping mall. In the same direction I would like to share some brands which have most probably touched our lives at some point of time but maybe we are alien to the the names of the companies that own them or the wealth creation they have been able to do in the recent past.

The first on the list is DFM Foods Limited, by the name it is difficult to guess what it does but if we would have just turned over the packet of those tasty masala rings we used to place on the tip of all fingers of our hands before eating them we would have known that this is the company which makes CRAX and Natkhat.

As soon as we think about home-made butter popcorn we are reminded of ACT-II Popcorn and we are also familiar with Sundrop Oils but it is known to very few of us that the company producing these too is listed by the name of Agro-Tech Foods Limited.

Another hidden company maybe the television brand where that devil used to appear in the commercial, yes ONIDA faded away due to some problems in between but the management was able to turn the company around and the stock MIRC Electronics, yes that’s the name has even be able to deliver good returns lately.

Then there’s FDC India Limited making “Electral” , the first line of the doctor’s prescription in case of dehydration, WIMPLAST Limited – the company selling a wide range of plastic and other products under the name “cello” and so on…

However a deep analysis of the financials of the company, the management quality, the follow-up of quarterly results etc. still are the pillars on the basis of which an investment decision has to be taken upon in the company. The stocks mentioned in this article are in no way are a recommendation and consultation with the financial advisory is very necessary before checking-in these companies. To establish that many other brands can be named which were very big but poor financial management could easily destroy the whole premise for eg: Videocon, Reliance Communications etc.


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Please share links to the analysis of any of these stocks, and also other Knwon Brand, Unknown Stocks which are there on your radar.

Four square cigeratte - Godfrey Phillips, Charminar cement sheets - HIL Limited

Being Human - Mandhana Industries and Mandhana retail ventures. It’s pertinent to note here that RJ is invested in Mandhana Retail ventures.

M H brandy mh whisky , vsop brandy all from tilkanagar industries

Repsol lubricant :- G.P petroleum ltd mfg and distributing in india.

D-link ltd world class metworking products

Gati Ltd providing e commerce delivery

Zee learn ltd :- kidzee and mount littera school

Rashtriya chemical & fertilizers :- sufala & ujjwala

Lawreshwar polymers ltd :- Lehar chappal (i am using Lehar chappal since last six month & happy with quality and price)

GKB optholmics ltd :- mfg worldclass lenses and opthalmic glasses.

I am using few of above companies product (dlink,lehar & gkb ) & holding few shares of all above mention companies.



GKB Opthalmics ( and GKB Opticals ( are two different companies. Listed company GKB Opthalmics is based in Goa whereas GKB Opticals is based in Kolkata.
Based on your description, you are most likely using lenses from GKB Opticals which seems to be unlisted entity (no mention of “investors” on their website). Also there is no mention of GKB Opticals as subsidiary of GKB Opthalmics… Please check

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Found a New One today, Indo National Limited - the company manufactures Nippo Batteries. Thanks to The Bull Cartel Screener by Pratyushji!

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Pee Cee Cosma Sope Ltd.

BSE: 524136

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Associated Alcohol and Breweries

BSE: 507526


Varun Beverages Limited: All PepsiCo products in India.

Bambino Vermicelli and other food products like Pasta, Masaale etc from Bambino Agro Industries Ltd

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Good Company. regular Dividend paying available at reasonable valuation

Tide water Oil ---- Veedol

They do only bottling

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We thought this is interesting & important too, so on our research tool Tijori ( we’ve begun linking brands to a company.

Alternately you can also search for a brand directly on the search bar too.

Pl do suggest any other brand/company links, will keep updating our database as and when we come across any new links.


Timex Watches: Timex Group India
Panasonic Battery : Panasonic Energy India Co.
Archies: Archies Ltd.
Skore Condom, Eva Perfume: TTK Healthcare
Fa Perfume: Jyothy Laboratory
Bisleri (manufacturing and marketing in India): Orient Beverages
Killer, Integriti, lawman pg3: Kewal Kiran
VIP Frenchie: VIP Clothing
W for Woman: TCNS Clothing


It’s Bisleri owned by Parle ??

Yes, maybe Orient Beverages is the franchise of Parle.

In the year 1973 the Company starts its commercial production under the franchise agreement with M/s. Parle Exports Limited with Parle’s brand i.e. GOLD SPOT, LIMCA, THUMPS UP, CITRA and BISLERI CLUB SODA.
In the year 1993, COCA-COLA INDIA LIMITED took over the business operation from M/s. Parle Exports Limited and as such the Company became the bottler and franchisee of M/S. COCA COLA INDIA LIMITED.
In the year 1997 M/S. COCA COLA INDIA LIMITED decided to acquire the bottling plant of the Company under the policy to have “Company owned Bottling Plant” and as such, on 3rd September 1998 the bottling plant of the Company was taken over by M/s. Bharat Coca Cola Bottling North East Private Limited, a subsidiary of M/s. COCA COLA INDIA LIMITED. Thereafter, the Company engaged itself in its original activities of REAL ESTATE business.
In the year 2005, the Company under the leadership of its Chairman SHRI N. K. PODDAR, set up its own plant for manufacturing and marketing of packaged drinking water of BISLERI (a pioneer of PACKAGED DRINKING WATER) in Kolkata under the franchisee agreement with M/s. BISLERI INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED.

Annual Report 2017-18 of Orient Beverages


“Dhampur Green” brand is owned by Dhampure Speciality Sugars Limited.