Kerala Floods - Impact on various Businesses & Industries

Hello everyone. As this is my first post, pls excuse me if there is any error in this post.

As we are all aware, Kerala has been devastated by floods. Although we are all united towards helping the people of Kerala overcome this, from a purely business point of view I am interested in tracking the various commodities/industries of Kerala impacted by this. This might help fellow Valuepickrs in taking advantage of market mis-pricing in the current scenario. Also, Kerala will go through a major rebuilding exercise where investments will flow and goods and services will be supplied from neighbouring states or countries. This might lead to the creation of a trigger for a few firms directly/indirectly contributing to this exercise.

Some of major manufacturers based out of Kerala:

  1. Cochin Minerals and Rutile Ltd. (negatively impacted)
  2. Harrisons Malayalam Ltd. (negatively impacted)
  3. Nitta Gelatin (negatively impacted)
  4. Cochin Shipyard (positively impacted - Not a manufacturer but might be positively impacted due to heavy pipeline of imports required for rebuilding and manufacturing due to flooding)
  5. Rubfila International

Commodities (Kerala produces over 50-60% of India’s national produce of the following):

  1. Palmyra
  2. Nutmeg
  3. Clove
  4. Rubber
  5. Cardamom
  6. Pepper

Would love fellow valuepickers to share their thoughts on the same and add to this.

2 gold NBFCs manappuram and muthoot .
Talking about above cos. I think the effect will be minimal ,because new demand will emerge because ppl will have to rebuild there houses , business . And there will be pressure on existing customers and they might default on there installments . So rise in AUMs and in NPAs too

Cement cos situated in Kerala also house building cos like Everest Ind, Hyderabad Ind, Visaka INDS,Cera sanitary such cos especially having penetration will benefit

KSE Ltd has corrected but today gained 5%. Check.

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federal bank & Cochin Shipyard.
good stocks to accumulate @ these levels

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