Ken Fisher- The Only Three Questions That Counts

Ken Fisher is a great investor. I think he is only one other than Warren Buffet to be in Forbes Global Billionaire List through investing. He has been longest running Forbes columnist. He has authored many books and I have found a few useful in the past (Superstocks where he intorduced price to sales ratio). Recently I read his book- The only three questions that still counts- and I felt that I am reading one of the sharpest investing brains of our times.

The book is not about any formula which can help one in investing. It is now about quantitative or qualitative techniques- It is about the way we should think about investing in market. We choose investment based on our thinking. It is extremely necessary that we should examine our thinking- and make it more suitable for investing decisions. Then only we can pick up great investments. It is a great book to guide us towards better way of thinking in investing decisions. Not an easy read- but we dont read investing books for entertainment. It is one of those rare books which you read- and then condemn yourself for not reading earlier. I recommend this book to all investors who have read the basic books on investing… this book can be helpful only after reading some basic literature on investment.

Ken Fisher is still managing money (hence making mistakes)- but history will judge him as a great investor. You need guts to be not influenced in investing by a father like Philip Fisher. I am sure father must have been very proud of him, for not following him.

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I also have a copy of the same but havent read it. Although i ve read Super Stocks . It is truly a phenomenal book with a lot of fresh ideas that beautifully compliment the well known Buffetistic way of investing.

Super Stocks introduced the idea of Price to Sales ratio. It was a powerful tool at that time because no one was using it at that time. In 1997, What works on Wall Street declares this ratio as mother of all value parameters.

Ken has found that this ratio is no more working, may be because many people as using it. He has examined this issue in one of chapters of three questions that count.


I tried to read this book sometime back but left it after reading few pages. Can you please post important takeaways from this book for the benefit of everyone.

Please sir

Can you elaborate how to use price to sales ratio to different type of stocks

Say six type of stocks according to Lynch

Stalwart, fast growth, slow growth, Cyclicals, asset play n turnaround

Which type of stock it will work best?