KeerthiKumar"s Stock Portfolio

I am posting my portfolio here for feedback and suggestions. I started investing in US stocks just after an opportunity was presented after recent market fall. my current knowledge in US stocks is very minimum. as you can see in my picks .

GOOGL (35.6%)
MSFT (33.2%)
FB (27.3%)
FCAU (4+%)

welcome for valuable suggestions.

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Can you share the rationale behind Fiat Chrysler? Is it simply cheap valuations?

Could you pls share on how you are investing in the US mkt? I mean though which broker , what are the charges etc?

Requesting you to provide details abt investing in US market

It was also a Mohnish pabrai pick. He owned it for years. Ferrari was spun off and gave meaningful returns too. In Q1 this year, he reduced his holding significantly though

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you can choose to invest in US via webull app. (platform)
for transfer of funds from india to your webull account. you can use any of the banks provided outward remittance. (via wire transfer).
note: charges are applicable.

Have you used them ? Do you need to take rbi permission before sending money overseas ?

you can check with your bank for more details regarding it.

*Liberalised Remittance Scheme is a scheme introduced by RBI as liberalisation measure to facilitate Resident Individuals (RI) to freely remit funds upto USD 2,50,000/- outside India in a financial year (April to March) for any permissible current or capital account transaction or a combination of both*
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