KBS INDIA - Find Out?

**Small Cap Do Attract me a Lot I always look 4 company who have potential to become small cap to mid cap . Mostly I Research about company below 10 Cr market cap . **

**I do know that there is huge risk Involve Which Is Suspending Company from NSE/BSE in future in that case we lose all the money. But if company have strong balance sheet and No Debt Good Promoter holding Then I wouldnt mind to take Risk. I believe Risk is less Reward is more and that’s all the stock Market is. **

**About KBS INDIA - **


Its Finance-Investment Company -

** http://www.moneycontrol.com/india/stockpricequote/finance-investments/kbsindia/KBS
Market Cap - 2.26 Cr
Face Value - 10
Book Value - 28.85
dividends, Splits , Rights, Bonus - NEVER
**Bse Grp - XT means There is Upper limit time 2 time **
**It Can only run very fast if its comes out from xd if not then it will slow mover **

Blance Sheet - Consolidate - 2015

Reserve - 16 cr
**Share Cap - 9 cr **
**UnSecured Loan - 9 Lakh **

Total Balnce Sheet - 25 Cr

Investment - 87 Lakh
**Cash and Bank Balnce - 65 Lakh **
**Loan and Advance - 19 Cr (Which always Highly Doubt Money will come or not) **
**Etc **

Income Comes From Brokearge is 89 Lakh
**Interest Income is 95 Lakh **
**Other income is 90 Lakh **

**Qtrly Profit around 40 Lakh and One Qtr they showed loss **
Average I see profit of 5 to 20 Lakh per year
**and they do pay Income Tax around 2-8 Lakh **
Listing fee which I believe is 3 Lakh per year correct me if i wrong not sure

**Now Talk about Promoter holding Which is 36.5 % Mostly Name of Tushar Suresh 22 Lakh shares Shah and Madhu suresh shah 9 Lakh shares ( If u Personally know them do let us know ) **

**Many Name in Big Holding above 1% **

So thing is very Less Share in Market and of course you can NOT buy in large Qty Yes some months ago daily trade volume was 50K I believe promoter just playing with their own stock nothing else

**All time High is 104 in 2000 **

**then Listed again in 2008 with Approximately price around 20 sustain for a year went to 50 and now its 2.6 rupees **

**I dont think at price of 2.6 there is very risk involve **
**Anytime we can see price of 15-20 rupees which 7-8 times is a big deal **

**I searched a lots of companies all were having debt or not having promoter holding or nothing on balance sheet but very less companies i found lik KBS , **

I’m saying if You are at Companies location Attend go their office attend AGM at mumabi Find out . Its wroth to spend one day on company lik this I live very far so can not attend AGM or offices but that’s the only way to get more about company I guess

Do Lets us know below I gave all the information I could find . I do own 5000 Qty of this company want to acquire more but if somebody can confirm about promoter / Their Business. Do Let us Know -


Wow every new stock is being introduced as multibagger :confused:


Edited I Guess i Shouldnt

Please include details about what the company does and why it is worthy of a fellow forum member to look at it seriously.

As I mentioned above

Revenue comes From
Brokearge is 89 Lakh
**Interest Income is 95 Lakh **
**Other income is 90 Lakh **

So Its Finance-investment Company


Updating Company website in my post

Its Very Small cap company so hard to say about their future plan Only if someone knows about their company can confirm their future plan.

I think its worth it if We Compare Market cap to their Balance sheet I think at this price we have nothing to lose

Now @ 3.66
with Market cap of 3.12
Last Quarter profit 37 Lakh
Price Band Still stopping to Going Higher