Kartik - Update Portfolio feedback requested

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Horizon: Long-term (5-7 years).
I have been investing in direct equity for about one year now. I am happy with the performance of most of the stocks in my portfolio. I am however extremely concerned about Amara Raja batteries. I think I entered the share at the wrong time and I am now stuck with a huge allocation of my portfolio.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Ur Portfolio:
FMCG → 46%
EV → 33%
IT → 16%
Pharma → 5%

It depends on portfolio size, but I recommend adding stocks from the sector which can grow at a faster rate.

I am not much convinced on Amara Raja :
Think of adding: Varroc, Dixon, Maruti

Too much weightage in FMCG (HUL, ITC, NESTLE)
Think of Polycab, Whirlpool

Think of adding more allocation into pharma, chemical sector

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