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Karthik's Portfolio - Mostly mid and smallcaps

Hcl is cheaper for a reason. Compared to infosy and TCS HCL Tech is providing higher growth but with a lower margin. That’s y .

I don’t track expleo . Yes it’s true Change in Management, sectoral tailwind , business improvement can be a positive sign for a particular stock.

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Very true about margins. Learning a lot about investing from this precious Value pickr forum and from some amazing ppl like you here. I’m sure i’ll polish my brain even more for investing.

Also how do you approach when you see RSI divergence in Weekly or monthly Timeframes for your PF stocks?

I don’t go for Technical analysing. Being from a legal field I have my limitations.

I buy and hold 25-30 stocks in my portfolio. Keep adding them on 8-10% when they go down or during market crash, if their fundamentals are still intact .
My idea is to stay invested in the market and cut yourself from the daily noise.

sounds like a good plan. When do you start to book profits or exit from a stock? like certain intervals after the stocks have run up or so?

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I don’t reshuffle my portfolio. I started investing two years back and till now sold only 2 stocks from my long term portfolio . Even that too to avoid duplication of stocks from same sector …
I like to hold all my stocks as much as i can …

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Few trading bets I bought on delivery basis during fall n booked profit after 4-5 months . 20-25 % up i sell it off …

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Current PF. Removed Sparc, thanks to the suggestion from @sujay85 and added HCL, thanks to @Aniesh7 :slight_smile: Still looking to add ITC, Sumitomo, Laurus Labs, Hindustan Copper (still studying), Bel, Navkar and want to increase stake in Bajaj consumer, Welspun Corp, Vidhi Speciality and in Happiest Minds.


Exited Expleo solution on Friday around cost price and will try to add around 450, if it comes in a week or two. As I mentioned earlier, today got a chance to add 33% quantity of ITC, 50% of Sumitomo. Will add more in further dips.

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Current PF. Accumulating Suven pharma, Sequent Scientific and Sterling Wilson on dips. Tracking Borosil Renewables for LT investment.

LT PF as of today (21st May 2021).

Current LT PF holdings. Added more quantity of Greaves Cotton during the fall to around 120 levels. Planning to add more sequent shares, if it comes around 245-250 levels, Suven pharma around 450-455 levels and Bajaj healthcare around 660 levels.

My PF as of July 31st 2021.

Exited Snowman logistics, Welspun Corp, Expleo Solutions and Suven pharma and added Jubilant Ingrevia, India Pesticides Limited and IEX instead.
Likely will offload ITC to add more Borosil Renewables and Sequent Scientific.

Why? Thought you were bullish on both.

I’m still bullish on both. Exited Expleo around 1090 by an excitement mistake… Current mcap is around 1170Cr. I fully expect it to reach atleast 3-4k in the next 4-5 years, if managements walks the talk. Need to see how the new float of shares will cause impact on the share price. I’ll try to enter Expleo soon. Arranging some funds for it :slight_smile: Suven pharma is one of my favorite businesses (CDMO) for a very long term option (10 years). But, from what i read and understood, in the next few years, earnings growth will be suppressed due to the maintenance capex they are doing. Switched that money to Jubilant Ingrevia as they are currently doing well. Basically opportunity cost switch. I’ll keep monitoring Suven pharma though.

@Karthik_Chan Did you look deeper into Navkar Corp? Worth investigating?

No. Avoiding these covid related plays. As mentioned earlier, exited from Snowman Logistics as well