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I’ve been on ValuePickr for 1.5 years now. Currently I’m a full time investor. Learnt a lot from this forum and after a lot of tinkering with my portfolio, this is what I hold currently. Would love to hear from you about what you think wrt stocks and % holdings.

Some stocks like Unichem and Prakash are special situations and may be unwound in a span of 6 months to 1 year. Other stocks that have very small allocations are more for tracking purpose. For many of these I don’t have a sound investment thesis but I hold them to see how things unfold.

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IMHO, nobody can give suggestions unless you describe the story behind why you hold the stock. A stock is just that - numbers and stories. Everyone already knows the numbers, so there’s no debating there. The only improvement can be in the ‘story’ behind the stock.

@dineshssairam Appreciate your comments. Let me elaborate my ‘stories’ on my holdings -

Piramal - Good past track record + Able operator + good capital allocation in the past + growing financial services business

Unichem - Special situation investing (buyback)

Prakash - Rising steel prices + value unlocking from PVC demerger

PI Industries - Growth story in agrochemical space

Skipper - increasing capex in power + PVC pipes growth story

AYM Syntex - management focus on making specialty man made fibres can fuel growth going forward

PNB, Can Fin Homes - discovered plays on housing themes with long runway

PC Jewellers - discretionary consumption growth story

Thyrocare - robust hub and spoke diagnostics growth story; added after recent correction; runway gives confidence despite high valuation

GHCL - Oligopolistic soda ash manufacturer available at comfortable valuations

Meghmani & Balaji - Bets on growth in chemicals

Accelya - Proven track record in airline accounting software + group synergy with Mercator likely to improve profits

Parag Milk - consumption story on value added milk products; brand building underway; improving management depth

Pokarna - Bet on US quartz market available at decent valuation

Avanti Feeds - Well discovered aquaculture theme with potential growth opportunity

Hindustan Foods - Speculative bet on contract manufacturing; cloning Nikhil Vora’s idea; skin in game for marquee investor gives confidence

TVS Srichakra - long term bet on growth in tyre industry

Pritika Auto - speculative bet post business restructuring of casting manufacturer for tractors

There are also some speculative bets (heard on the street or cloned from other portfolios) that I’ll admit I know only vaguely about - but haven’t done enough research -
Oberoi, Kolte Patil, Uniply, Everest, Sunteck
Manappuram/Gujarat Ambuja

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I hold 30% of portfolio in cash currently so some of my holdings are quite minuscule. These will not make any tangible difference to my returns - the only reason is to maintain a foot in the door and motivate myself to investigate these names further. :slight_smile:

Going forward I hope to bring down my list of holdings to max 20 stocks.

Good to see hindustan foods in your list - a thread for which doesnt exist on VP. Dempo which used to own it earlier divested its stake to sixth sense and the vanity case. Since then its been doing well taking over the unutilized manufacturing capacity of FMCG majors like reckitt benk and HUL and putting it to good use. I think it has an interesting business model. If you have any other insights do share. Disc- invested in HF


@bheeshma If you do track Meghmani what is your take on it for the future?

Yes @bheeshma I have been tracking the same developments. Keenly looking forward to Q4 earnings when their contract manufacturing for Reckitt kicks in - that will give some idea about margins and trajectory going forward. Once I have enough data to form an investment thesis will start a thread. At this moment, can only speculate on this stock wrt skin in game for Nikhil Vora :slight_smile:

Hi my latest holdings as follows -

I wish to do the following now -

  1. Consolidate holdings and bring down the number of stocks < 15
  2. Deploy additional cash to current stocks or others that may be attractive.

Return objective - 25% CAGR

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