Jitendra portfolio review

Dear experts. Please review my portfolio. I was investing “too diversified” (think over 50 shares). I sold it entirely and started from clean slate from Nov 2023.

Following is my current portfolio:
Name, Avg buy price, portfolio allocation %

Pennar Industries, 110, 21%
Capacite Infra, 269, 18%
Transformers India, 189, 8%
HBL Power, 321, 8%
Elecon engg, 907, 7%
ACE, 847, 6%
Ador Welding, 1500, 5%
KSolves, 1079, 4.5%
Shivalik Bimetal, 530, 4%
Usha Martin, 321, 4%

REST allocation to stocks for swing trading.

Please review and let me know how do you see this portfolio for long term horizon (2+ years)

Too much of manufacturing related stocks. Also these stocks heavily discussed in social media and stock related forums in the recent times(Story narration? who knows).
Few days of impending market correction will cause bloodbath in your portfolio. My view is to move some portion into top large cap companies available in low valuation.

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I agree. I wanted to have bets on manufacturing companies as they have strong growth and order book. Will see and remove any ticker if they do not present good quarterly result.

relying solely on order book investing can lead you to ignore efficiency of the business and therefore its results

you should diversify into other themes as well to reduce/mitigate the risk factor

manufacturing is not the only theme that govt is interested in

im sure youll find more option to consider investing in

thank you