Jinendra portfolio

thomas cook -30%- 190
piramal -15%-1480
ambika -12%-1010

all long term holding.

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Please post your rationale and criteria for picking each stock and the % allocated for comments.


a) promoter track record
b)corp governance
c)fair valuation
d)well diversifed buisness
e)sustainable growth rate in earnings
f)numbers are real.

i am intend to hold these quality stocks for 1 decade atleast , if in between there is some issue on corp governance i will exit otherwise happ to hold these wonderful buisness.

Hi @jjain129

Good picks. Couple of observations:

  • Concentrated portfolio, top 2 scrips more than 50% of invested portfolio
  • Overweight on Financials (Piramal, Edelweiss, Manappuram).
  • Good margin of safety on most of the holding

Couple of questions

  • When you invested (looking at the buying price, you started couple of years back), there were much choices available fitting your rationale. What made you narrow down to these?. Please dont mistake my asking, by no means I would imply the picks are not good. Just to understand your stock picking preferences over others - Say Avanti Feeds, HDFC, Page, Eicher etc

  • What is your strategy on re-balancing your allocations

  • What do you want from this forum?.

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Thomas cook OPM% has seriously dipped < 5%
Not exactly growth stock. Erratic EPS…

Ambica abysmal sales growth. Hence undeserving of 12% allocation. It’s a textile stock PE can easily become less than 10.

Piramal. High debt, hence very low RoCe… And poor ICR.

Manapuram RoCE RoE not impressive. Plunging Sales.