Jigar Portfolio

I am sharing my portfolio and some watchlist ideas here for feedback.

**Company Approx. Weightage**
Abbot 5%
Astrazeneca 10%
Cadila 7.5%
HEG 40% (will reduce it after a couple of green candles :roll_eyes:)
Indiabulls Ventures 10%
Tata Elxsi 10%
Cash 17.5%

Abbott, Astrazeneca and Cadila are bets on Pharma turnaround.

HEG - I was sitting on decent gains until May end. SEBI putting HEG in ASM eroded my gains. However, Macquarie and Jefferies have given pretty long targets and once this gets out of ASM, it will recover quickly.

Indiabulls Ventures - Momentum play

Tata Elxsi - Long term play on upcoming tech (AI, AR, Automated Vehicles)

I am keeping an eye on following stocks. Will enter when market conditions feel right.

FMCG / Consumer growth story

  • Britannia
  • Bata
  • Godrej Consumer
  • Jyothy Lab
  • Colgate
  • Jubilant Food
  • Page
  • Lux
  • HUL

Banking / Finance

  • HDFC (will enter at around 2000-2050)
  • GRUH (consolidated at 300-305 after recent fall)


  • PEL


  • Exide (consolidating after long term breakout)

IT / Tech

  • Zensar
  • KPIT
  • INFY
  • NIIT Tech
  • TCS
  • Take
  • Cyient

Real Estate

  • Phoenix

I have another watchlist for stocks to short. But those shorts are extreme short term plays.

Would love feedback from members :grinning:


It’s not clear whether you are new or old hand in market. If you are new to market the it’s ok but otherwise it’s not an ideal portfolio which lacks quality stocks except the pharma names. For small investors there is no other way to make money without buying quality at reasonable price and hold them for years.
But this quality stock should at least show some reasonable 20 + growth.
Your list of fmcg stocks are exciting and I hold some of them. My suggestion Will be to build the portfolio starting with solid company like HDFC bank kotak bank indusind bank Britannia nestle Sundaram finance pidilite dmart bajaj finance etc. Safe to assume that I have a financial interest in all of them.


Can you give your entry price also, i cant find any meaning in your portfolio in my point of view if your entry point is in near term
Why too much non quality, i understand your momentum play in HEG and IB ventures, are you keeping stoploss for such trades

Pharma companies are recent buys.

Entered HEG at around 3300 before it was put in ASM.

Entered IBVentures at 300, exited at 500, and reentered at 480.

Entered Tata Elxsi at 1150.

All in all PF is down 5% (due to sharp decline in HEG after ASM). Had a soft stop loss in mind for HEG, but ASM changed the picture.

I have churned my portfolio quite frequently this year.

I got out of most of my profitable positions during first few months of this year. In the subsequent choppy markets, I churned my portfolio quite frequently.

Right now, I am not looking at any long term plays except for Tata Elxsi. I am not sure how long these turbulent markets will last.

Your recommendations of HDFC, Britannia and DMart are top notch companies. I will start making positions in them during corrections.

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Churning portfolios frequently is not a good idea. If you buy quantity you will not need that. But remember that 20 percent + growth.

Dear @catchsudipto Ji,
Isn’t Britannia overly expensive at current valuations of 78 times earnings? Hardly any leading food product company world over has ever traded at such rich valuations. Could we possibly see a time correction in the stock? In my humble opinion, such valuations don’t seem sustainable to me. Please guide.

It is very very expensive looking at 19 valuations. But if you look at 21 it’s less expensive. But the trick is will it be able to sustain 20+ sales and profit growth. If it can then we will make money. Britannia is just an example of sector leader company and it’s not 2a stock reco

Entered Gruh Finance. It has broken out after consolidating at 300-305 range.