Jay Shankarpure Portfolio

Creating the stocks that i hold

I only hold 6 Stocks

  1. Laurus Labs
  2. SeQuent Scientific
  3. IEX
  4. CDSL
  5. Praj Industries
  6. Managalam Organics Ltd
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Laurus Labs- revenue change mix from ARV APIs to non arv apis like formulations , Laurus Bio etc. Operating leverage to also kick in as many capacity expansions are going on

SeQuent Scientific- Only Formulation manufacturers of Animal Pharma in India. In I me IA only 2 players manufacture apis for Animal pharma and in that only one operates I regulated market and that is SeQuent.

IEX- Has 98% market share in Energy exchange

CDSL- only 4% of Indians invest in stock markets. CDSL has major advantages over NSDL as Zerodha, Upstox and Groww has done with CDSL which are major brokers in india

Praj Industries- Ethanol + Biotechnology . The r&d matrix of praj industries can be seen in very few companies in india

Mangalam Organics Ltd- From commodity to Value Added player. The revenue mix change will be major growth driver from Terpene Operations to Retail Operations and Synthetic Resins.


Good one…sequent will test ur patience just like mine, but if u have patience it will give great returns after 3 years

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Absolutely sir. SeQuent Scientific will surely test our patience bur the returns on patience will be extravagant

Any specific reason for not having any IT & Banking stocks…