Is there any API which can provide mutual fund monthly transaction data and historical share holding patterns quarterly?

I am trying to come up with an algorithm and a framework where this kind of data would be crucial.
I see many websites giving historical share holding patterns including mutual fund activities but I am not able to find an API which I can use in my algorith?

Any light on such a resource would be immensely helpful.

Admins, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but in case it’s not then let me know and I will move it at appropriate place.

Thanks in advance!

I think NSE provides the product for this type of information but it it chargeable i think. See below link for it.

Probably this would not be an exact answer for your question but I am also looking for something which can provide me the share holders report on daily/weekly/monthly basis. If any body is aware please share it.

For shareholding history, there is The website is a front-end for a JSON API that you could use directly.

Some sample queries:

  1. Search for investor to get id

  2. Get details on investor (with id)

Similarly for stocks, HTTP GET /stockfind and /stockpie

The Screener also allows you to run entire programs (in Lua) against parts of the database with an HTTP POST /filter request.


@vml - Do you know how bajaar does this… it looks like it does this from BSE/NSE quarterly shareholding info… Each of the MF provides a monthly fact sheet, but they are all in PDF formats and hardly parsable :frowning:

@myloginid : Yes bajaar parses quarterly shareholding alone and only reports MF data from there. So its unlikely to be as comprehensive as the monthly fact sheets - which would also include < 1% holdings, or shorter term trades less than a quarter.
Sorry about the delayed response.