Is the India story fading away

Of late a lot of public is saying that India story is fading and dying a slow death. Opinions are invited on this topinc, below are certain views and facts.

  1. Demon has put on emergency brakes on already a slow economy.
  2. Demon had shaken up a lot of sectors with no visible benefits
  3. Valuations are still above average if not high
  4. DM are outperforming EM a big time
  5. Another pain for eco. could be a half baked GST
  6. Crude is slowly moving to uncomfortable zone
  7. Interest rates are not falling further
  8. No signs of capes or NPA reducing
  9. GOI is now apologetic about demon and will be fearful about further reforms
  10. FII are selling like there is no tommorow, how long will DII be able to absorb

I know most of us here are micro investors and macro should not be our concern as this could be the noise which is not helpful.

I am not sure what value this kind of discussion is going to bring us all on this forum nor am I able to understand what kind of response you are looking for from folks here (your last line seems to have provided an auto-response to this thread). If this is about demonetization, there is already a separate thread you may look at & provide inputs. Investing is about factoring in uncertainties. Besides, if you are not comfortable in India story and therefore in Indian equities,you may feel free to look elsewhere. Apologies if this seems to be a little harsh.

@adminph2 : Not sure if this kind of thread needs to be kept open for discussion.

all of your 10 points seem to be views to me!

@umang_1991, my advise would be, open a portfolio thread for yourself and keep updating such thoughts in that thread. Over a period of time, you will get a chance to re-read your own past thought’s and also others can add their valuable comments.

By opening a new thread for such blabber, you are wasting precious real estate of the site.

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