Investor Portfolio Returns

I am totally surprised that Nifty small cap index returned 56% YTD. Most of the MF (including small cap funds) could not beat the index. Appears like things are turning the US way as buffet mentions that fund managers picks lag behind index returns.

I am curious to know how other investor portfolios performed during the same period (YTD). I feel there would be way many experienced retail investors who are not popular like vp seniors but have exceptional picking skills. I feel we are missing inputs from them. I would like as many people as possible to participate and provide inputs so that we have enough data from investor community within.

This is just an review exercise and just for educational purpose.

I would like the investors to mention

  1. Portfolio returns they generated (YTD or any specific time frame)
  2. Balance of index stocks they hold (small/mid/large). Portfolio size
  3. How they found those investments - stock ideas (valuepickr/friend/personal research/news)
  4. What they feel could have done better. How would they invest again if they are send back through time machine. (any learnings, tricks they learnt from experience). Both fundamental and technical picking skills are worth mentioning.


  1. I did a little better than small cap index at 60% YTD.
  2. My portfolio contains mostly midcap valuepicks of which some didn’t do well in this cyclical market upmove. 20 stocks.
  3. Earlier I found stocks by reading investor blogs. These days valuepickr and financial results of the companies is what I look to get more stock ideas.
  4. If I were to do it again, I would have invested big money which make difference. I always tried to invest in “best value” picked company (which I never found in this bull market) and holded cash for long periods which I feel is a mistake. I wish I should have invested in average company instead of holding idle cash (at least in this bull market).
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Deleted as found the below reason of manish to be valid


This thread may lead to self boasting about one’s portfolio returns amid this raging bull run. This may not be good for the novice investors who are in very large nos in this forum. So this thread is being closed.