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Print copy of Annual Reports

Hi Community Members,

Is there a way to get print copy of AR and other imp documents for shareholder?

SEBI extended the relaxation of soft copy till dec 22 but allows for print copy on demand.

I have written to more then 7 firms of my holding’s CS/IR mails ids. But haven’t got any response, except from DFM and Edelweiss.

Is there any other way to ask for same of?
In absence of any response can anyone guide how to raise compliant?

Hi, I can only tell about Physical Copy of AR.
You have to send an email to the investor relations available on the company website. You have to the shareholder of that company.
Pasting the link below to know the exact format of the email.

Hope this helps. But I doubt whether they will entertain this in this current digital world.

dr. vikas

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The way to raise a complaint is through the SEBI SCORES portal.


Many fo them do give physical annual reports. I have receive physicsl copies of Alkyl amines, Bajaj Finance, Infosys, Polycab, Laurus labs, deepak Nitrite , Balkrishna industries.

But TCS has not given me, iting covid protocol reasons. You need to write to their email id on investor relations and quote your DP id and your Dmat id and most of them do send. In case of Bajaj Finance and asian paints, when I requested they even sent last 3 years old annual reports too.

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I wrote to them but most of them didn’t respond. Today got an email from Vedanta CS that they don’t sent print as per MCA/SEBI circular.

Sent an reminder mail for all. Let’s wait for few daya

Just curious, but why do you need physical ARs ? Is it just out of habit or do you make notes on the physical pages or something like that?

Its just a habit for me. I like reading physical books instead of staring at digital screen. Just received LTI copy also.

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It’s habbit plus I have been advised to reduce screen time and going through ARs on screen takes time. Thanks for asking.

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I have Demat account in ICICI direct. They have started scheme of Upstream .
Up Streaming of funds means debiting the peak margin (Highest margin created anytime during the day) and pay-in obligation from client’s account and upstream the funds to Clearing Corporations (CC). The movement of fund would be customer depositing funds in ICICI Up Streaming Client Nodal Bank Account- USCNBA), from their money will move to Broker’s Settlement account and then to Clearing Corporation. That means, the funds will be debited from the clients account and same will be Up Streamed on the same day to Clearing Corporation within the given cut off time. The Cut-off time given by CC for the same is 7.00 PM.
This means ICICI direct will block money for any Buy order with target price if NOT executed for one Night for weekdays and 2 days for weekend days.
As I understand, this scheme is only for ICICI direct and Not for other brokers.
Following is SEBI circular.
V. Upstreaming of funds: Funds received on a given day by SBs shall be transferred to CMs, and by CMs to the CC any time during the day, but not later than the respective cutoff times. The respective cutoff times for upstreaming are as follow: Sr. No. Particular Cutoff time 1 CM upstreaming cutoff time To be decided by CC – not earlier than 6:00 PM 2 SB upstreaming cutoff time To be decided by CM – not earlier than 1 hour prior to CM upstreaming cutoff time
Read more at: SEBI Circular: Upstreaming Clients’ Funds – Implications & Guidelines
Ultimately this is client money and what is right to ICICI direct to block money. Is it legal and SEBI approved?
Request your opinion from seniors whether this is OK