Investment portfolio

Given Below is my present portfolio. Will request Hitesh, Donald, Ayush to please comment on it.

Sree Rayalseema makes it to the list purely on gut feel. Planning to move some cash to equity viz, Haldyn, VST, and Nesco

Investment In %

Atul Auto 1.25%
Indag Rubber 2.77%
Haldyn 1.07%
Mayur Uniquoters 15.44%
Nesco 7.23%
Unichem Laboratories 2.15%
Sree Rayalseema Hi Strength Hypo 6.08%
VST 2.18%

Cash 36.92%
Gold 21.83%
Silver 3.09%


Others can comment as well.


coming to your portfolio, you seem to be in a lot of cash at the right time.

among your stocks i own and like unichem, atul auto, mayur.

I guess its about the right time to deploy some cash into things you like.

Nesco I think is a good company and I am still deliberating on it but with my current portfolio – where I aim to concentrate to under 10 stocks, I am unable to fit it anywhere.

Haldyn it seems will suffer from the scam it suffered from. It doesnt look like anything where you can bet more than around 5%. You never know how many more cockroaches might come out.

Hi Sandeep,

Interesting to see gold in your portfolio. It seems to be testing a major long term resistance which one cleared can give you multiple returns.

I would personally increase the weightage in the portfolio stocks or exit if idon’t have high conviction. 1% weight will not matter to the overall portfolio returns. Some of your stocks like atul are available at attractive prices.


Hi Sandeep,

I’m with you on Sree Rayalseema Hypo :slight_smile: Its a pure cash cow and highly undervalued. The negative is the mgmt, who is desperate to increase his holding and is doing preferential allotments and mergers. Due to this the equity is rising and the undervaluation is getting diluted.

Anyways, the trigger going forward would be the major expansion the co has done. As per some reports, the co has doubled its capacity and with the promoters now cornering a good % of shareholding, I don’t expect much dilution ahead. I do hope a re-rating over next 1 years as things stabilize and become clear.

On Nesco, I think this is a fantastic long term idea as the actual valuation of the property would be HUGE and they are taking up projects to unlock this value. The negative is slow mgmt & low dividends. So one should keep a lower allocation and inc the same only when growth starts kicking.


Dear Ayush,

The expansion in SRHSH was to be completed by March 12. Any clue on that? Also how do you rate the management quality? Though it is hugely undervalued, would still like to know your views on future prospects?

In case of Nesco, even if the company doesn’t show growth in earnings, the impact on year end cash balance is huge. almost 60% of revenues is added to cash every year.

I think the expansion has got completed at the end of June qtr.

Nesco, is a sitter as per me. One just needs patience and extend the time horizon.

Hi Ayush,

how do u rate its management??

after developing whole land do u expect it to become cash flow giving more than 50% dividend payout??

Hi Samir,

I think the management is good as they have been delivering consistent results and nothing wrong seems to have been done till now. Also they invest the cash flows in liquid funds till they have a new IT building to construct. So these are good things…otherwise, usually cos with so much of cash flows either siphon it out or blow it our or venture into un-related fields.

The negative is that they have been slow but they seem to be ambitious also (read the latest annual report)