Investing Reflections on India

Hello ValuePickr Members!

First of all, I want to thank Donald and team for creating this resource for serious investors to get together and discuss ideas.

I have been impressed with some of the analysis on this website, which is part of the reason why I’m posting this message.

I have been writing articles on various listed companies (mostly relatively less-researched smaller companies) on my blog for the last 12 months - focusing on business analysis without any regard for market valuations - primarily to encourage intelligent discussion of the businesses and mutual learning.

I request you all to visit my blog (see link below) and kindly provide constructive criticism to improve the analysis of the businesses.

I havenothingto gain financially when you visit the blog - the main motive is learning.

Perhaps you will also find certain companies worth investing in.

Thank you all in advance for your time,


a better idea will be for you to put up your ideas whatever they might be on valuepickr up for discussion.

on the face of it, this looks like a blatant advertisement of your blog.

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The purpose of my request is to figure out how to improve the analysis of the businesses in the articles I’ve already written - in a spirit of mutual learning and constructive feedback.

The Point Hitesh is making…first initiate a discussion on ValuePickr itself.

1). Search for existing discussions : Use the “Search Site” box on RHS

2). Add your inputs, comments, questions to existing discussion…Add Value…and be seen to be adding Value to the ValuePickr community…as more folks like you join the effort…the more vibrant and useful ValuePickr becomes

3). If no thread exists - Create a new thread for that company…under the appropriate forum…Please read the description of the Forum …and adhere to that description as far as possible

4). If your blog adds value to ValuePickrs…they will surely visit your blog. If it doesn’t they will ignore! The best way to demonstrate adding Value is first making those valuable contributions…here …to the ValuePickr Community

We are debating …Creating a separate thread for Investing Blogs…PROMOTE YOUR INVESTING BLOG…that is used as an advertorial space (no fees;))…readers clearly know these are ADVERTORIALS…and can comment and provide feedback on the usefulness/value of a particular blog! Rate the blog, etc!

Welcome views from Anon, Hitesh, and all ValuePickr readers.

Thank you for your message. I understand your concern.

One reason I directed readers to the blog is because I’ve written over 200 articles on the blog over the last 12 months and it doesn’t make sense for me to start threads for each one of them here. It is a matter of practicality.

The other reason is that I thought your readers may find some of the articles useful to some extent.

As I mentioned earlier, I havezerofinancial interest in promoting the blog except to the extent that it aids learning - both mine and others’ - whether you wish to believe that or not.

Good Luck With Your Community!


Hi Anon,

It may be practical to start at least 1 or 2 discussions at ValuePickr, from your end??

Hope you can make that effort!

The major issue I see with your blog is that there are discussion on way too many stocks. Whereas in real world we research only 10-20 stocks and invest in them. I feel it is a waste of one’s time and energy tracking/discussing 200 stocks. Concentrated effort pays way better than a diffused one, in almost all sphere of life, be it investing, be it sports, be it in study, or be it in jobs.

The second issue is that there is no accountability. What I mean is that you recommend some stock XYZ, specifying 1000s of reasons on a date 1/1/1, you should be tracking its performance quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

The second major reason why I visit/love valuepickr, is that the folks here have the guts to choose some 10-15 stocks via a collaborative manner, and have guts to track their performance in a quarterly basis. There are no arbitrary alternation of the portfolio.

P.S. The first reason why I absolutely love valuepivckr is the top quality of discussion that is happening here. I don’t know any place in internet, where the quality of discussion is half as good as here. Zero, that is the count.

havezerofinancial Link:

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