Investing internships

I have created this thread to share the about investing internships and mentorships. I feel they can be hugely helpful to learn and understanding investing.

I just found an internship program conducted by Ankur Jain-( student of professor sanjay bakshi )in value investing via online. For details:Calculated Wagers
Application process ends on
June 25 ( Tomorrow, pardon me for being this late, I just found out now)
The application form accepts only first 300 members. Unfortunately It’s is not currently accepting . I have mailed my resume to them to requesting to accept my application.
I think the people who are interested can do the same.

We can share about others mentorships and internship programs so that they can be useful to fellow investors.

I am very grateful to all people who have created and posted in this form.They have impacted my investing process very much.

( Please feel to take down this thread if this not
in accordance with vp rules)


Hi.Really love this initiative.

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