Investing in foreign securities

Does anyone have experience in investing in foreign securities across countries from India? Looking for a convenient way of doing it. I have evaluated Inteactive Broker but the threshold limit and penalty for not trading is high. I have approached ICICI direct which have asked me to write an email to a particular id but did not get a response.

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Thank you Adiga. I have gone through the posts and have received no future incremental information. I will await if someone responds with more practical solution (with out advice of investing only in India)

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A number of brokerages in the US allow Indians residing in India to open accounts with them. (eg. Charles Schwab ). You should then have access to a ton of international companies and ETFs that are traded in the US. There are some minimum balance restrictions (Charles Schwab has $25K for example). I haven’t really done a comparative study of options available.

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