Using this forum to create a library of individual’s investment framework.
What is the your screening framework, research framework (categorising stocks), portfolio construction framework, allocation framework, buying/selling framework?

For eg, my screening framework involves looking for a company with gross margins > 50%. This shows company has room for improving EBITDA margins by achieving efficiencies and is not totally dependent on raw material’s prices to sustain margins.

You need not put all at once. If you have a solid framework even for either of the things, please share.


I’m a new investor started investing since November 2020. Earlier I used to look for cigarbutt investing style made some quick buck. Now a days such opportunities are scarce. So now a days I try to find companies who can grow at a rate more than 15% have some tail winds and are reasonably valued. I also try to see how long I can be invested. I don’t want to churn money much. The cigarbutt style forces you to churn after short duration.

Thanks Souresh for sharing your own style. Would you please share the stocks that are on your radar?