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I am interested to see what is average cost price of stock in fund, is there any way here

@basumallick Dada, Just in continuation of my query in dmart thread , let’s say if there is a portfolio where there are non performers ( as things didn’t work out they way one had thought in company’s favour and the thesis didn’t play out ) and stellar performers ( where they gave expected returns or more than expectations as thesis worked out much more than thought of due to tailwinds ) . Ideally , In such cases , should sell underperforming stocks and add more to performing stocks averaging up ? If so , wouldn’t the portfolio allocation be skewed ? How does one manage this dilemma? Request your views . Thanks in advance

These are 2 different problems.

Yes. I would sell the bad stocks. But by non-performer, it should not mean those where stock price is not appreciating. It has to be those where you have made a mistake buying (like you said where your thesis is wrong) or the business is not performing or there is some management or policy action which is contrary to your thesis. I would sell.

Whether I take that money and deploy in the other stocks is a completely different call. If the other stocks merit a higher allocation, then yes I would invest in them. Else I will remain in cash. Or buy some other stock which is not in my current portfolio.


Thanks so much dada for the clear explanation.

Can some one explain this AS 116 Lease Accounting in LAYMAN terms with an simple example.

Hello forum members, i want your suggestions , i want to subscribe a magazine for stock market which essentially covers articles on fundamentals of companies(helps me in understanding business)a magazine which is more focused on fundamental investing, or articles on companies listed on stock exchange and other important articles on stock market and investment, i want to exclude dalal street magazine due to data part

Came across this website, which has good user interface and some good information, one needs to be logged in to see the features though:

sample screener:


In my opinion, it is an automated analysis tool - even the narrative is largely automatically generated. That said, I find it quite fascinating to read through some of their analysis on specific companies, just as a reminder of how far we have come with machine learning and natural language generation.

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Yes, I also feel the same thing. They have an article on practically any company. And they also have excellent SEO. Their article is on the top page on Google News whenever you search for news on any company.


Can someone please help me to understand the tax accounting part in the financial statements ?
I am looking at Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.

  1. For FY 2017-18
    (a) Note # 34 to Financial statements gives tax expense as 2508.41 lacs
    (b) But Cash flow statement gives the tax outflow as 2816.10 lacs
  2. For FY 2018-19
    (a) Note # 34 to Financial statements gives tax expense as 3451.25 lacs
    (b) But Cash flow statement gives the tax outflow as 3329.61 lacs

Why is there s difference in the tax outflow in both the places ?

I want to join TBZ concall on 8 Nov at 4 pm. I do own shares of the company. Can someone please tell me the exact steps to follow.

b3864f1f-285c-4f0d-8ceb-96efd0a51e35.pdf (508.4 KB)


Dial any of the listed numbers 5 minutes before the call time, when operator asks tell the company name you like to attend the call, your name. When they ask you the company you represent, you can tell as ‘individual investor’. They will place you in the call.


A good list of tips for retail investors.

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One Question:
How to calculate “cash and equivalents” from balance sheet. (Could you please explain mostly from how balance sheets are presented in

Thanks, Saurabh

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Mphasis promoters have pledged 100% of their shareholding according to the latest shareholding pattern. Is this necessarily something to get worried about or is there more to it.

Hi everyone, it may sound a little silly, but I have a reeaallly basic question. How does one develop expertise in understanding a sector that is not within his immediate circle of competence? I mean, at the beginning, I believe most people would be having not more than about 3-4 sectors that they understand well. And as you go on to diversify with time, you HAVE to expand that circle. Can anyone here share their experience - the approach (or maybe even steps if you will) towards this?


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Can someone tell where I get all the concall of the companies…thanks

You can try

Thanks…but I want all previous years

You can try on company website