Introducing AI-Powered Equity Research Tool

Hi ValuePickr community,

I hope I’m within the guidelines of the forum as I share something I’m very excited about. As part of my investment research, I’ve often found myself drowning in vast amounts of unstructured data. With my experience in AI and an interest in equity research, I teamed up with a friend to create, a solution aimed to help navigate this information.

What is

It’s an AI-powered platform designed to simplify stock research. Imagine having an AI-driven assistant that helps you:

Our Vision:

  • We’re leveraging cutting-edge Language Model Models (LLMs) to simplify equity research. Our aim is to help you track your portfolio, discover opportunities, and stay ahead in the market by effectively handling non-financial and unstructured data through LLM-powered Search, Summarization, Extraction, and Classification.

Early adopters of our platform found it helpful, and I hope this community finds it helpful as well. Your participation and feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of I invite you to explore and share your thoughts and questions.


Hi Ganesh. I tried to try out the portal but it is forcing me to sign up before even trying it once.

Am i missing something (or) it’s by design?

Hello, Thank you for your interest. The sign-up requirement is indeed by design. As a small team, our initial focus has been on the core features. However, we’ll work on incorporating a way to try out a subset of features without the sign-in requirement in the near future.

Please give our tool a try; I’m confident you’ll find it useful. :blush: If you have any questions, do let me know.

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This is great, can see myself using it a fair bit! From a Diligence perspective, I think it will be helpful if you can add something in terms of “frequently asked questions” or “tips and tricks”. Possibly, even provide a couple of ‘real examples’.


Thanks for trying it out. Glad you find it helpful! That’s great feedback. We’ll add some examples to assist users in getting started.

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I am not able to sign up. Getting “Email rate limit exceeded” error.


Sorry about that. Thanks for bringing this up.

We see that the “Email rate limit exceeded” error is due to increased traffic, which has exceeded the limitations set by our backend for email authentication. We’ll try to resolve this issue.

In the meantime, if you’d like to access without encountering this error, you can use the “Sign in with Google” option.

I used your product. Its good. couple of observations:

  1. Screener also provides summary of call transcripts - both current as well as historical.
  2. In your announcements, if you can add - Fresh issue of capital, capital expenditure, preferential Issue, Warrants Issue, Promoter buying / selling.


Hi, thank you for trying our product and sharing your thoughts.

  1. We’re fans of Screener too. Our aim is to simplify access to qualitative data for value investing. We’ll add more sources beyond earnings calls and provide more in-depth analysis and insights.
  2. We’ll work on a way to allow users to create custom categories. This will help us manage our costs while maintaining the user experience.

Thanks. One more question. Most of the time after the conf call, management comes out with the transcript quite late, may be after 2 weeks on average (not all management). Based on AI, is it possible for AI to listen to conf calls and create immediate text of those calls. If that is possible, then rough transcripts can be published quickly.
thanks, cm

It’s definitely doable, but there is this speaker diarization challenge, like identifying who’s speaking and separating the transcript by speaker. But, we can take a look at it.

Can u provide filter for updates related to NSE 50,NSE 500,midcap,small cap and watchlist such that filtering will be easy for tracking the company and Capex update and capex completion and sector updates like sector facing headwinds and all such that these info will be usefull

Some additional feedback - for less specific questions, I think more work needs to be done. For instance, when I asked the following How have exports grown for “Aarti Industries” for the last 3 years?, the results were quite poor. Seems to be picking up answers/insights from transcripts of other irrelevant companies.

Also, it’s not clear how many quarters of earnings call transcripts are being reviewed to generate the insights and answers. Would be good to get a sense of how the answers/insights may have changed through the quarters.

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It can become one of the Favoured tools for investing just to add some points
1.Added risks in Buisnesses was very good
2.Announcement data was good.
I have become fan of this tool just want to ask when i gone to page there was
saying add promocode is there any?

Got it. If I understood that correctly, you are interested in:

  • Gaining sector-level insights
  • Accessing specific capex information on individual companies.
  • Simplified filtering by tagging companies to various indices.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We’ll take these ideas into account for potential enhancements to our platform.

yes. that’s correct. more work needs to be done on the AI-answering part. We’ll have to incorporate a mechanism to identify and extract companies and timeframe from the query to localise the search within specific earnings calls. that’s not in place yet. We are trying different methods to achieve this. for now, the easy way to do this is to select those specific filters and ask the question. By default, it searches within all the transcripts available and the latest 2 years.

Thank you for your feedback. Earlier, we had a promo code for our beta testers, which has expired. We’ve just enabled a new promo code on our 1-year plan, 'VALUEPICKR10’. You can use this at the time of checkout. As we grow and reach a critical scale, we’ll certainly consider opportunities for better discounts in the future.

Hi vganesh
I am using your for a month, must impress with the offering. Particularly reading out ot the impact of new excellent.
Have few suggestions & looking forward to see :slight_smile:

  1. AI insights for AR beside concal.
  2. Qtrly earning AI insight . You can use a template like technofunda offering or any other, then result analysis on that basis.
    Capt Gope
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I have tried the ai but the problem is when i searched for giving me the names of sector performing bad it only given the names of stock not the sector names so I founded it to be a little bit faulty although this ai is very useful thankyou

Got it. Thanks for trying out and your notes. Will make a note of this to improve in the next versions.

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