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Each CEO is more like a business segment head for IGTB, IGCB, SEEC and IRTM.

One person alone cannot manage all the segments wherein each segment further has multiple product lines. And each business segment is different in the sense that they are different stage of their lifecycle and thus requires different kind of handling, plus the focus geographies for each business segment could also be different. Like for SEEC, US is a focus geography.

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Is there any document or video that gives some detail about Intellect’s products? I can’t find much detail in the annual report or company website about their products

@saurabhsadhu Please go through this whole thread( where u will find lot of research reports and valuable industry/expert feedback about IDA, it will be like a movie unfolding) along with company investor presentations may be last 16/20 quarters, u will definitely know what they are trying to do.

Also read lasted presentation and Concall Q4FY22, where Arun Jain tried to explain all the pain points/struggles and overcomes.

IDA Picture/movie just started.


@saurabhsadhu You can also check out this highly informative twitter thread by @sahil_vi. There might not be much information about the individual products as such, but the overall business model & thesis have been explained in an intuitive fashion.


IDA has a YouTube channel. many videos on their products are available there. Watch it.


Thanks, @abhicsmnnit. I read the thread, it answered a lot of my questions. But how do you compare Intellect with its peers - Oracle, Temenos, and Finastra? Their products are used by businesses and hence are not as reachable. How do you know they are addressing the right problem in a better way than their peers?

One can check reviews of product and comparison with competition on Gartner Site :

Not sure, if this will help but my firm uses Intellect’s products (Transaction and Risk Management) and I had a conversation with colleagues and it seems it is a decent product however, they don’t have any experience with any of competitor’s product, so can’t compare.

As far as I understood, each of the dominant players have similar kind of products with continuous work on customizing product as per new requirements. Pricing and Referenciability are the major piece of equation, which is the reason each player is dominant in one or the other segment.

Regarding understanding of Intellect’s Products, Each Segment has it’s own website that you can check. To go deeper into tech stack, you can watch
Tech Day I - Intellect Technology Day 2021 - YouTube
Tech Day II - Intellect Technology Day II - 07th December 2021 - YouTube