Indian Stock Markets: How it Works and its Dynamics

Dear Value concious friends, first of all let me thank Mr Donald_Ayush and other founders of this valuable forum. I will not say that I am a new to stock markets but do feel that there are maney areas where I do not know any thing. I am starting this thread purely to serve the community.
All the stock market narration is full of some terms like “operators”, “market makers” etc. Can I request my experienced fiends to wrte on this.
Do they really exist? if yes then who are they?
If yes then are they legitimate or illegitimate?
Are they self guided or employed by some interested parties.

I want to understand the dynamics of the market which may in turn be valuable guide to fellow members of this forum.
I believe that my quetions have arisen from a genuine requirement and is as per the guideline of this forum. If otherwise ! then excuse me.

Rajendra Badoni