India aims to build 100 more Airports

Can someone create a thread on this topic,


Main Players are

GMR Infra

GMR is well known to everyone

TARMAT Projects are

If there is more main players pls add

Disc: Holding few GMR & Willing to add Tarmat above 60

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Have never heard of TARMAT before and we do not seem to have a thread on that. Can anyone provide some info on TARMAT?

Main players are GMR and GVK who built Delhi/Hyderbad and Bangalore/Mumbai respectively.

Yes, i too never heard of TARMAT.

Btw, this building of 100s airport is going on for quite sometime now. Read it multiple times in the past. Not sure when it will actually take off.


While the plan looks ambitious, let us be aware that most of these projects take a lot of time to actually take off and then for the cash flows to come in
Starting from getting the land approvals until the time the first flight takes off, i presume atleast a period of 7-10 years ?

If this is true, it will be a great boost to the aviation industry. However, this will take a lot of time. At least 7-10 years as Harsh mentioned.

I beleive this makes a good market for infrastructure development comapnies like GMR, L&T etc…

for airlines - it makes sense only if these 100 new airports have enough customers and economically sound cities… it will trigger a negative when goverment imposes that local carriers must cater to these new airports even if they incur loss.

Taneja Aerospace could be a beneficiary! Has its own private airport in Hosur, 30kms from Bangalore! - and has a mcap of just 130crores!!!

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Gvk recently got approval for navi Mumbai airport ,and gmr for an airport in goa and all the current airports already seems to be runnin @ max capacity. But both gmr and gvk are having too much debts and too many under performing assets which is an overhang on d stock.if u can find a company that focusses solely on airport building and can compete with these companies wud be a great pick.for both gvk and gmr their airport vertical is doing pretty well…and from wat I see tarmat seems more like a infra player than an airport player,they may not have the kind of revenue that a gvk or gmr gets from airports…seems Like a sub contractor… As Delhi airport is currently maintained by gmr,tarmat seems to have build runway 4 it…and none of the biggies even put their bid for some terminal development and runway expansion they are only interested in overall and development and management of airports,that’s where the revenue seems to be

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pls go through current projects

i just checked previous reports Order book is around 300cr, management clearing debts, an infra company clearing debt with 63% company holding is very good to concern. Recently posted decent returns