Impact of Qatar GCC Rift on LNG Prices

The rift between GCC and Qatar has left many investors in worries of an increase in gas prices due to expected supply disruption.

This, in my opinion, is highly unlikely as Qatar is currently the largest LNG exporter in the world supplying its gas to several Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, India & China. These countries are heavily dependent on Qatar LNG. Therefore, any supply disruption due to this rift will be catastrophic and definitely add fuel to fire with the involvement of all Asian countries.
I feel confident that the authorities on the top must have considered this scenario and have taken their decisions accordingly.

Recently Petronet LNG (India’s major LNG supplier) has declared that it does not expect any impact on gas supplies from Qatar.

Bear in mind that although the supply disruption is highly improbable, it is not impossible. It would be wise to follow the situation most closely.