Impact of Hillary's win for Indian Pharma companies

Hillary’s plan will demand a stop to excessive profiteering and marketing by denying tax breaks for direct-to-consumer advertising and demanding that drug companies invest in R&D in exchange for taxpayer support – rather than marketing or excessive profits. She will encourage competition to get more generics on the market and create a Federal backstop for when there are excessively high-priced drugs that face no competition.

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My observations:

  1. She also needs democrats in majority in congress to pass any new laws. So this may come into play only when she wins + Democrats majority.
  2. Also compared to Trump, she has received more donations from Pharma companies. So this all may be an election talk.

My questions

  1. Which Indian Pharma companies produce drugs that have no competition?
  2. Forcing companies for more R&D - Will this benefit companies like Take Solutions?