IEPF Login not working

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I am trying to claim my shares that have been submitted to IEPF. I created my profile in the MCA portal and it gave my email id as my username. But I am not able to login to IEPF using my email id as my username, it keeps erroring out. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this. I logged a complaint on the MCA portal but have not received any update yet. Should I create another profile in MCA, do I get to choose another username.

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Same Problem I am facing . Try to find solution

You’ll get login id in one or two days in your mail box use that. Most probably it will be your PAN. Alternatively Try using PAN as login id.

Thank you! I received email for MCA portal 2 days after I registered, but nothing for IEPF. It has been over a week now. Any clue who does the email come from, mca or iepf, I searched my spam as well. Just want to be sure that I dont miss the email.
I tried with my PAN to login to IEPF, it didnt work.

Just to update everyone, I have received an email with my username for IEPF after 2 months of registration. As MihirDam suggested, it is the PAN number in caps. But the login didnt work and it was temporarily locked. I tried to login after few days by resetting the password, the IEPF login is working now. Thanks MihirDam!

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Hi, I am facing the same issue. Do I need to wait for the email from IEPF before trying to login with PAN or can I try changing password now and trying to login? Just trying to figure out what was it that fixed the issue?

Update - The forgot password, followed by changing the password and logging in worked. Pity that one has to resort to such obscure work arounds to get things to work.

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Thanks for your insights. I registered at 8 days back and also received a mail from MCA, but nothing from iepf. Based on your tip, I tried to login to iepf with my PAN in cap and clicked on forgot password link. It took me to a new page and I inputted my PAN again in the user id field. It returned a message that no such user id exists.

Do you have an idea how long does it take to get the MCA information reflected in iepf?

Many Thanks!

There will be a change in procedure in reclaiming IEPF shares/dividend going forward, hope it is a better process. refer to the main thread link.

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