ICICI to Sharekhan - DP Switch and Price Difference


I recently switched from ICICI Securities to Sharekhan due to high charges of ICICI. Today my scrips were moved from ICICI and displayed in Sharekhan. However, I do not understand why my ‘Investment prices’ for all scrips has changed?

Instead of selling my holdings in ICICI - I transferred these over to Sharekhan

Example scrip:-

Scrip ICICI Price ShareKhan Price Difference
VikasEcotech 19.16 22.3 3.14

I am at a loss here. What can I do now?

Thanks for the help in advance

Are the quantities matching? You just need to make sure you got the entire lot in shareKhan. Are you talking about the current price?

Yes the number of quantity of the scrip is matching with what I had in ICICI. However I feel a lil confused with the price shown.


Price is dynamic and current price is 23

So to compare should I look at the ‘Market Value’ shown in ShareKhan should be matching with what I had in ICICI?

Or what exactly should I look at to make sure that I don’t lose any of my money while switch is done.


I think the last traded price on the day of the transfer is shown as the holding cost in the new account. At least that is what happened for one of my relatives.

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As long as the number of units & date of purchase match - should you worry ?

Sharekhan has shown investment price as on date of transfer, Sharekhan does not know your purchase price. When you will calculate capital gains, you will have to edit file generated by Sharekhan or you will have to calculate the same manually,