I think way we see and understand cryptocurrencies is wrong, they are much more than that. I need your opinions?

Hey, as bitcoin is rising I don’t mind investing 5-10% of the portfolio. I think I should try at least. So I started researching on these cryptocurrencies.

I just discovered I was doing the mistake of comparing them with physical currencies or market securities. They are much more than that. So I bought sizable amounts in ark and iota but they still are less than 5% of whole amount. I think like fundamental analysis we need to research teams behind them and their execution skills. IOTA is doing great so I bought sizable amounts.

Do you have any amount invested in cryptos?

Also, I have attached beginner investing guide
HowtobuycryptocurrenciesnotavailableinIndiawithethereasilyStepbyStepGuide.pdf (275.4 KB)