"I Hate Large caps" portfolio

Was looking for constructive feedback on my predominantly midcap,small cap portfolio
18.3% IRCTC @avg:934
9.1% Diamines Chemicals @avg:130
6% Relaxo Footwear @avg:818
6% Aarti Ind @avg:818
5.2% Cosmo Films @avg:327
4.5% Bharat Rasyan @avg:6920
3.8% Yes bank @avg:49
3.6% Avanti feeds @avg:564
3.5% Fairchem Speciality Chemicals @avg:536
3.5% Vip industries @avg:236
3.2% nippon AM @avg:369
3.2% rain industries @avg:127
2.7% Tanla solutions @avg:55
2.6% manapuuram @avg:172
2.5% muthoot @avg:660
2.4% hdfc life @avg:626
2.4% knr constructions @avg:255
2.3% Frontier Springs @avg:237
2.1% hdfc bank @avg:1229
2% hdfc amc @avg:3214
1.9% meghami organics @avg:63
1.9% psp projects @avg:451
1.7% Lakshmi Vilas bank @avg:19.6
1.4%nocil @avg:164
1.3% presicion wires @avg:229
0.09% idea Vodafone @avg:4.3

Understand that this portfolio is going to come in for a lot of criticism,but none the less-i want to cut down on stocks in the portfolio and bring them to 12-14
P.S.Have very little exposure to Large caps barring the hdfc ones
P.S.S Portfolio has been staying afloat primally due to bull run in irctc and chemical stocks
P.S.S.S Have invested only money Iā€™m willing to lose in culprits like Idea and Lakshmi Vilas bank
P.S.S.S.S. Have basic financial acumen (currently pursuing cfa-l2).My fool hardy Portfolio might not reflect that though

Apologies for fairly long post.And thanks in advance for your responses folks.

You need to put up your investment thesis for each of the stock in the portfolio to get any feedback from the fellow members. Merely putting up the stock names is not going to attract any comments.