I feel in control of my investment ideas!

I thought it takes a lot to do analysis of stocks and so better listen few news channels and decide which is most talked about stock idea and go for it. completely non-scientific and above that, never felt like in control. Butafterexperimenting with value pickr, not onlyi have started feeling in control of my investment, but also i am enjoying the subject. it is really fun because I learn, enjoy and decide investment to gain more! few of the things I liked most

)- Ready made screeners based on philosophy of successful investers

)- Basics section

)- so easy to create my own screeners. i experimented with my choice of parameters and got few stocks and it was really fun.

What i would like to see

)- I feel navigation is bit non-intuitive so is it possible to make it widget based. i create my own home page with what I want to see? something like igoogle.

)- After selecting stocks, is there a tool possible to see the trending for last 6 months price and volumemovement for that selection?

Hi Nayan,

That’s as good an endorsement as we can get. Thanks, we are glad you have found the tools useful and easy to play around with!

To make analysing stocks fun and easy to pick up on, there are lots of practical examples, that are available under stock analysis & stock story modules. Also visit the stock discussion forums for knowing what other members think are worthy ideas! you can learn a lot and contribute in the discussion forums - we already have a good mix of seniors and junior investors participating!

As you mention, its a thrilling subject…and no end to how much you can refine what you are learning!



Hello Donald,

Seems like all the links provided in the message are broken. Can it be fixed so that the folks can navigate to those pages.

Thanks :slight_smile: