Hyderabad Investors Forum

After going through phenomenally the Valuepickr forum & coming across all like minded people, full of wisdom, from their journey of experience in Markets, I feel that it is the best opportunity, one can have to On-board this journey of Collective knowledge sharing, when all like minded are residing in 1 City. City here in context is Hyderabad.

I would like to take this initiative, to invite all Investor Fraternity from Hyderabad to come together & have periodic brainstorming sessions, for transmission of our own experiences & knowledge & help each other in attaining Financial Independence.

Interested folks can PM me for further details.



Thanks for the initiative. Count me in pls.


I am in with another friend of mine.

Hello Bharat,

Thanks for the initiative. Count me in.



Please count me in.



i would like to be there as and when it happens.

Wonderful. This will be a good forum to interact and learn. Please count me in. I know few other friends who will also be interested to join.

Please count me in. Thanks much for the initiative.

Me too from Hyderabad. Pl let me know whenever there is a meeting/session.

Me too from Hyderabad.Please count me in

Guys, please PM me with your Name, Contact Details & Email Id’s, so that I can collate the Information.


Like to be part of Hyderabad initiative.please let me know the details

Count me also in please.Its a great initiative.

Considering the Overwhelming response, to the effort being put, in meeting like minded Investors, we have planned to have a 1st VP Hyderabad Chapter Meet, on Aug 21st (Sunday).

1st Meet will not have any Specific Agenda, apart from Informal Introduction & Investment Style of the Participants.
Going forward, we will have an Agenda & Speakers on specific Topics & much more.

Also we will be circulating the Guidelines for the Participants, which strictly have to be adhered to be a part of this group.

I will be drafting those, to all the relevant folks, once we are done with the Final Count & at least with our 1st meet, to understand each other better.

Time & Venue will be decided soon.

But before that I would request every interested person, to share the basic details in the below format (PM me), to plan for the Logistics.

All the respondents to this initiative are requested to share details as a personal message on VP.
**Please include the following details:-

  • Name
  • Email Id
  • Mobile
  • Residence Location (to determine a location which is most convenient for the majority)**
  • Preferred time to join the Meet


I have sent a PM with my details. Thanks for taking up the initiative.

Thota Bikshapathi
Investment Advisor

best of luck. please keep in mind novice and small investor in mind. please a helping hand to novice investor for grow together

Sure Paturi ji… It will be a collective sharing of experiences & knowledge. Nobody is expert. Everybody is learning in their own ways & mending their actions corrective for the future.

can you please tell me what you mean by PM
How to send the details to you

Please add me also for the session.
Name: Y Sridhar Reddy
Email Id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com
Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx
Residence Location: Erragadda
Preferred time : Saturday evenings and Sunday any time