Hybrid Portfolio with Huge growth potential for 3-5 years Suggestions please

Hello all, I’m 24 years old and completed MBBS
I’ve been in market since 1 year and have invested in a portfolio which I’ve researched consisting of both Large Caps and Mid/Small caps
Large caps are mainly for Stability and Mid/Small caps for high growth.

I’m fine with around 25 stocks in PF since I’ll be tracking only mid/small caps every quarter since large caps are well sound and established for now

Please feel free to advice me… I’m not a pro…still learning
So any reviews are welcome

Edit : Rationale behind the selection
HDFC TWINS , HUL , MARUTI , HEROMOTO, Reliance - leaders in their respective segment
KOTAK BANK - Looks like underrated bank. It a dark horse I feel
Dr REDDY - just bought it recently during the fall since most of the pharma are trading at highs and only this has given a dip
AIRTEL - Bought at 500 levels since it has high potential and improvising
AFFLE , INDIAMART - NewAge tech stock bets
IOLCP , GRANULES , ALEMBIC PHARMA - Excellent pharma companies with huge potential
HERANBA , IPL - Sound chemical companies at cheap valuation
ITC , PETRONET - Dividends ( Also hoping Itc would be multibagger xD Lol )
RVNL - Sound financial company available at cheap
INTELLECT - small cap IT bet
MTARTech - Excellent fundamentals with no competition
MCX - Huge growth potential in upcoming times when India would be active in Stock markets
ESCORTS - Good midcap auto company bought at lower price
Mrs.Bectorss - Ipo bet

Please don’t open PF threads with the same content. And do post the rationale for picking the stocks, so that members can reply.

Interesting to see many of the stocks with almost equal allocation.

Welcome to VP doctor, we already have many doctors in the forum, perhaps you would be interested to know about their perspectives and approaches towards investing.


Yes done
Sorry… Took a while to understand the sub-sections of the forum

Update on portfolio

Just added KRSNAA diagnostics -3%

Reason- Healthcare sector is always promising. Financials are healthy. And also it is currently at cheaper valuation when compared to peers like Dr Lal path , metropolis.

Added Cdsl and CAMS 3% each
Monopoly stocks

Lupin is entering diagnostics You need to take into account this

What is the basis for this valuation? How has been the valuations considered? I hope its not based on stock and industry PE

I didn’t get you actually? Are u asking about any particular stock valuation or my PF?

Oh I didn’t know. Thank you… Will definitely take into consideration when it comes out

I am asking about KRSNAA diagnostics. The valuation of that stock as you said that its relatively cheaper valuation. It would be great if you can shed some light on it