HSIL LTD - inverted head and shoulders

attached weekly chart of HSIL shows inverted head and shoulders pattern breakout.

target is 140 plus cmp 118.


I hope you do not mind adding my analysis on Point and Figures to your charts.

On the Point and Figures charts, the stock made a quintuplet (5 tops) at 112 and then broke out. It made another double top at 123. Next strong resistance is at 130. After this the stock can meet resistance at 138 and 150 the previous high.

It has strong support at 112 on the down side. The next bottom can be 104 and 98.


On the above chart on candle sticks, one can notice that the stock moved above the 200 day SMA on 5th February at 93. At that point the CCI exactly touched the -100 line from below. This gave a break out. If one had to BUY at this point one would have made phenomenal profits.


**Hello Hitesh, do you hold HSIL. **



Yes I hold a trading position.

Anybody attended the concall on 5th Feb? could anyone Please share?